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"They re-did the entire place. The prices are great, the selection is great and they are very helpful. Hard to find brews are here, nice local craft selections. And a beers of the world section, that has all the great imports. They even have nice glassware. Soon they will have kegorator equipment as well. Gotta love visible pricing (on the box prices), great selection, and helpful staff – they will order you whatever you want. As long as the beer stays fresh in this place, this will be my go-to place for cases.”

“Recently, I was heading to Philadelphia Park Casino when I found Bensalem Beer & Soda while on the way at a stoplight. They house a good selection of craft beer and those that are relatively hard to find. Their prices are somewhat reasonable, in fact, cheaper than some of the other stores I contacted in PA. There were a few employees who were very friendly and offered assistance while I was browsing the cooler. When I brought a case of Thomas Hooker beer up to the register, the manager rang me up and said that she enjoys the same brand of beer. I informed her that a distributor mentioned her store as a location who carried it and she seemed surprised to here that information. I mentioned that I lived in NJ and was happy that I came across the bridge to find this brand, which made her say that the next time I wanted a case that she would put it in the cooler for me. This was a very good example of customer service and a major step in building loyalty."